vrijdag 29 juni 2018

Handmade Frame

Hey hey!

This tutorial shows you how I have made these beautiful frames. I started out by using the Glossy White paper. The gloss fools anyone into thinking it is a real frame and the frames look just beautiful.

I give credit to Jodi of HappyHouseCreates who shared her idea to make these frames in almost any size (normally with a shadow box type frame the paper size limits your options rather). I just couldn't get the corners to fit neatly, brooded on this for a day or two and made an improvement on her idea. 

You can see the corner gapes

And here you can see the improved version

Neat Corners
Here are some directions on sizes:

First you decide how large your background will be. In this case the image is on a die cut made with the second largest square Stitched Shape Framelit. This measures 2⅛' x 2". I wanted roughly 1½" background around it, which comes down to a 3½" x 3½" square for my back ground.

The frame itself, when stuck together is 1" wide, so to calculate what paper size to cut, you add 2" to your measurements (one inch for each side). And here comes my improvement: you add another ½" which will make the extra little flap.  
You can make frames like this in many more sizes.

In the video you can see a tutorial, I hope you enjoy it.

Because I had run out of Glossy White, I decided to make some frames in our regular Card Stock I couldn't get enough of making them and I had already made the back grounds and the hand-coloured images from Bella & Friends and Pretty Kitty. And you know what? These are really beautiful too.

I hope you have enjoyed watching my very first video tutorial, no doubt I have things to learn still and I look forward to receiving your comments. 

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