vrijdag 29 juni 2018

Handmade Frame

Hey hey!

This tutorial shows you how I have made these beautiful frames. I started out by using the Glossy White paper. The gloss fools anyone into thinking it is a real frame and the frames look just beautiful.

I give credit to Jodi of HappyHouseCreates who shared her idea to make these frames in almost any size (normally with a shadow box type frame the paper size limits your options rather). I just couldn't get the corners to fit neatly, brooded on this for a day or two and made an improvement on her idea. 

You can see the corner gapes

And here you can see the improved version

Neat Corners
Here are some directions on sizes:

First you decide how large your background will be. In this case the image is on a die cut made with the second largest square Stitched Shape Framelit. This measures 2⅛' x 2". I wanted roughly 1½" background around it, which comes down to a 3½" x 3½" square for my back ground.

The frame itself, when stuck together is 1" wide, so to calculate what paper size to cut, you add 2" to your measurements (one inch for each side). And here comes my improvement: you add another ½" which will make the extra little flap.  
You can make frames like this in many more sizes.

In the video you can see a tutorial, I hope you enjoy it.

Because I had run out of Glossy White, I decided to make some frames in our regular Card Stock I couldn't get enough of making them and I had already made the back grounds and the hand-coloured images from Bella & Friends and Pretty Kitty. And you know what? These are really beautiful too.

I hope you have enjoyed watching my very first video tutorial, no doubt I have things to learn still and I look forward to receiving your comments. 

woensdag 27 juni 2018

This Little Piggy

Hey, hey!

Wie wordt er niet vrolijk van dit varkentje? Ik heb er expres enkel Veel liefs opgezet, dan kan ik dit kaartje gebruiken voor een verjaardag, om iemand beterschap te wensen… vul maar in. Ik ga met dit kereltje nog meer dingen maken.

Doesn't this make you smile? I cased the catalogue in this instance and used the Note Cards and Envelopes. I am so happy This Little Piggy is still in the Annual Catalogue. There's more projects I have in mind for it. 

woensdag 20 juni 2018

Pop-up Box Card

Hey hey!

My youngest brother is a part-time bee keeper and totally into bee-related things. So I always make him something for his birthday that is.
When I saw the base model for a pop-up box card at easypeasyandfun, I immediately thought I'd adapt it for my own purposes. In this case I re-sized all measurements. If bees are not what you need, it will be easy to change the decoration to get a fun result.

The stamp sets used are A Little Wild with the matching Little Loves Framelits and Jar of Love with the matching Everyday Jars Framelits. The jar lid is from Sharing Sweet Thoughts (retired) because I like the gingham look, but you could use the lid from Jar of Love.

When I had finished the card, I realised it would not fit into our standard C6 envelope, which I had intended, but because I wanted my jar of honey to be well visible, it turned out a little bit too high. That was no problem, I took my Envelope Punch Board and made a perfectly sized envelope. I took a 9" x 9" piece, scored at 4¼".
However, if you do want your pop-up box card to fit, make sure the pop-up doesn't pop up too much. (Try saying that a couple of times in a row.)

For the box you need two pieces of 3" x 6½".
You need a strip of 1¾" x 7½" and another strip of 1" x 6" for the pop-up mechanism.
I stamped on one side of all the pieces of Card Stock because I didn't want the inside to look bare.

To make the box, take the two 3" x 6½" pieces and score.
Cut a slight wedge off the flaps, fold and burnish with your bone folder and glue the box together on one side. The stamped sides are on the inside.

If you want to decorate your box with panels, now is the time you can adhere them easily. My panels are cut " smaller than the panel they will go on.

After adhering the panels, stick down the other flap and form a box that looks like this.
Now it's time for the pop-up mechanism. Take the 1¾" x 7½" strip and first make two score lines, flip the paper and make a score line in the middle. Doing it like this will give neater folds.

Now you can stick one side of the mechanism down to begin with. Make sure you adhere it between what will be the front and back of the box.

Remove the paper backing from the Tear & Tape and stick the mechanism down as shown.

Remove the backing again, hold the mechanism flat and push the box down onto its back. This leaves you with a box that looks like this.
Take the 1" x 6" strip and insert it in the fold. Do not use glue as yet, you want to measure the correct length first.

Fold the box flat and put the embellishment on top of the strip, again no glue as yet. Remove both strip and embellishment, flip over and draw a pencil line where you want to shorten the strip.

Put glue on the back of the strip ( the non-stamped side is the back) and stick it down, into the fold.

Adhere the embellishment to the protruding part of the strip.

For a nice finish, you can stick another embellishment on the back.
When pushed into a box, the embellishment will disappear into it. When pushed flat, the embellishment will pop up.

vrijdag 15 juni 2018

Never Ending Card

Hey, hey!

Deze kaart heb ik gemaakt voor een bestelling voor een heer die binnenkort jarig is. Hij is altijd opticien geweest; goede wijn en tuinieren zijn zijn hobby's. Vandaar de keuze voor de versiering.
Dit is een Never Ending Card, je kunt hem blijven draaien en draaien en steeds komt dan een andere afbeelding boven. Ik wilde niet zoveel kleine en verschillende vlakjes hebben, daarom heb ik eerst de afbeeldingen groter gestempeld en deze kleiner gesneden waarna ik ze op de basiskaart heb geplakt. Ik moet zeggen dat het resultaat me bevalt.

I have made this card to order for a gentleman who has his birthday coming up. Before his retirement he was an optician; fine wines and gardening are his hobbies. That explains the decoration.

For this Never Ending Card I wanted fewer various small panels, so I stamped the images on bigger pieces of paper and cut these up to adhere them to the panels of the base card. I do like this effect. Have a fun day!

zaterdag 9 juni 2018

Tips voor ronde doosjes / Tips for rounded boxes

Hey hey!

Vroeger maakte ik ronde doosjes, maar ik was nooit echt tevreden. Met het papier van Stampin' UP! en Tear & Tape krijg ik een veel mooier resultaat. In deze tutorial geef ik je een paar tips om zelf een leuk ovaal doosje te maken.  

I used to make round boxes, but I was never really happy with them. With the Stampin' UP! paper and Tear & Tape I get much better results. In this tutorial I will give you some tips to make such a cute oval box yourself.

doosje: 1 strook 26 x 7 cm, ril op 6 cm
box: 1 strip 10¼" x 2¾", score at 2⅜"
deksel: 1 strook 26 x 3,5 cm, ril op 2,5 cm
lid: 1 strip 10¼" x 1⅜", score at 1"
4 keer de grootste van de Layering Ovals Framelits uitgesneden (twee zijn voor de bodem en het deksel, twee voor afwerking aan de binnenkant van de bodem en het deksel)
4 times die cuts of the largest of the Layering Ovals Framelits (two are for the bottom and lid, two for a liner of the bottom and the lid)

Voor zowel het doosje zelf als het deksel is de werkwijze hetzelfde.
This same method is used for both the box and the lid.

Breng Tear & Tape aan op de plakstrook en aan de rechterkant. Ik zet een hulplijntje op de papierstrook zodat ik niet te ver inknip. Dan kun je later de papierstrook in één stuk eraf trekken.
Adhere Tear & Tape on the flap and on the right. I draw a line on the backing to help me cut not too far up the flap. This will allow you remove the backing in one go later.

Knip aan de linkerkant een stukje van de plakstrook af, ongeveer 1,3 cm. Als daar geen tandjes zitten, kun je de rand beter sluiten.
On the left of the flap, cut off a small piece, about ½". If there are no teeth there, it will be easier to make the join.

Knip de plakstrook in, niet te ver inknippen want dan moet je de papierstrook van ieder tandje afhalen. Ik knip eerst in de ene richting en dan in de andere richting. In foto 4 zie je het resultaat.
Cut into the flap, don't indent too far because then you will have to remove the backing of each tooth. I cut in one direction first and then in the other direction. In photograph 4 you can see the result.

Krul de strook voorzichtig met jevouwbeen zodat je hem makkelijker kunt plakken.
Gently curl the strip using your bone folder to make the strip easier to stick down.

Neem een van de gestanste ovalen, verwijder een stuk van de papierstrook en begin te plakken waar je later de las wilt hebben. Plak steeds een stuk, verwijder weer wat papierstrook enz.
Take one of the die cut ovals, remove a piece of the paper backing and start where you want the join to be later. Repeat this piece by piece, remove some backing, adhere etc.

Belangrijk! Als je een stuk van de papierstrook hebt verwijderd, voordat je gaat plakken, knip je de tandjes verder in, tot aan de rillijn. Plak dan een stuk van de strook vast. Doe dit steeds in delen, dan kan het papier meebuigen met het ovaal.
Important! Once you have removed part of the paper backing, before adhering, cut into the teeth further all the way up to the score line. Then adhere part of the strip. Do this stretch by stretch so that the paper can bend along the oval.

Uiteindelijk houd je een stukje over zonder tandjes, dat wordt over het al bevestigde papier geplakt. Verwijder de papierstrook en zet het laatste stukje vast.
In the end you will have left a piece with no teeth to be stuck on top of the piece you started with. Remove the backing and adhere the final piece.

Druk alle plakstroken goed vast met het vouwbeen.
Use your bone folder to press down the flaps.

Om de binnenkant af te werken, kun je er een ovaal in leggen. Meestal is het nodig om aan één kant er een stukje af te knippen om het te laten passen.
If you want to tidy up the inside, you can insert an oval. You usually have to cut off a sliver on one side to make it fit.

dinsdag 5 juni 2018

Zwart-wit geschenktasje / Black & White Gift Bag

Hey, hey

Een kort bericht vandaag. Dit tasje heb ik gemaakt voor een verjaardag. Het idee voor de ronde handvatten heb ik van Linda Parker. Van de restjes van het prachtige papier heb ik het etiket en de kleine doosjes gemaakt, die kunnen weer gebruikt worden om iemand cadeau te doen. Niets verloren laten gaan…

A short post today. I made this bag for a birthday. I give credit to Linda Parker for the idea of the round handles. I used the leftovers of the beautiful paper for the label and the tiny boxes, they in turn can be used as gifts. Waste not want not…